Things to do in Tier 2 . . .

Things to do in Tier 2 . . .

So at the weekend Stoke-on-Trent was moved into Tier 2. Check what Tier your area is in by clicking here and entering your postcode. We ALL have to remember to socially distance, wash/sanitize our hands regularly and wear face masks/coverings but in Tier 2 there are a few more rules too. Check the Tier 2 guidance here.

We think the biggest difference is the fact that you can’t meet with other people from a different household indoors. You can however still meet in a group of up to 6 outside as long as you’re socially distancing.

So you could still meet friends outdoors for some socially distanced sport like football, basketball or tennis – just make sure you regularly sanitize if you’re touching the same equipment.

Or why not meet for take-out drinks from a coffee shop and go for a walk together, maybe even walk your dogs if you have one.

Keeping in touch can be a really important thing if you do it safely and follow the guidelines.

If you don’t feel up to meeting in person or maybe you are having to isolate then don’t forget that you can still video call. Maybe you can watch a movie together via video call, or arrange a bake-off or quiz? There’s always gaming too. Keeping in contact with friends and family can really help how you feel #speakup