Lockdown can be Confusing . . .

Lockdown can be Confusing . . .

This week we have all been moved into lockdown until at least February 15th so that we can limit the spread of coronavirus and help protect the NHS.

There have been so many changes recently with all the different Tiers in Stoke-on-Trent that it’s easy to feel confused about what we can and can’t do right now.

We think the biggest difference is the fact that you can’t go to school during lockdown (although there are some exceptions to this, for example if your parents/carers are key workers).

The overall message is that you should stay at home unless you are shopping for food, attending a medical appointment, need to leave home to work or if you are exercising. For the full explanation of what you can and can’t do you can click here.

Whatever we are doing we ALL need to continue to remember to socially distance, wash/sanitize our hands regularly and wear face masks/coverings.

Keeping in touch during lockdown can be a really important thing if you do it safely and follow the guidelines. One person from one household can meet one person from another household OUTSIDE as long as you both socially distance and this should form part of your daily exercise. At all other times you should only mix with the people in your family or support bubble.

If you don’t feel up to meeting someone outside your bubble in person then don’t forget that you can still video call or speak on the phone or even message. Perhaps you can watch a movie together via video call, or maybe try gaming? Keeping in contact with friends and family can really help how you feel.

We’d like to remind you that we are here 7 evenings per week, as well as Monday to Friday during the day, to support you via our instant messaging service.

It can help just for someone to be there to listen during these unusual and sometimes lonely times.