Find a list of apps available to help and support you with feelings and situations that you may be experiencing.

  • CalmHarm – Self-harm advice & support.
  • Daylio (Free) – A mood tracking app allowing you to see how things are affecting the way that you feel.
  • Headspace – Meditation and mindfulness exercises for relaxation.
  • Pear reset (Free) – App aiding recovery from substance mis-use over a 12 week course. * Suitable for 17+ 
  • Rise Up + Recover (Free) – Helps you if you are struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image.  Suitable for 12+
  • Relaxlite (Free) – Breathing and meditation exercises to help reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Super Better (Free) – A games based app that coaches resilience.
  • Worrinots Let children off-load their worries with The Worrinots app in the comfort of their own home. Parents/carers will need to use the Wotnot companion app to be able to monitor your child’s concerns 
  • Zipit (Free) – Helps young people “get flirty chat back on track”  Suitable for 12+

Online and in message apps.